S.Upkar Singh Gill, a graduate from Punjab Technical University started his career with a short stint in Drish Shoes Ltd, Panchkula as production officer. Bitten by the bug to be a king of his own will, took steps towards self reliance with Gill Sales Corporation in 2000 initially at Jalandhar. Later shifted his operations to Panchkula. within few months into his own venture, suffered a major road accident 2001 at Ambala. because of this accident, had to be hospitalised for a considerable long period of time. While bed ridden, the thought of helping the people who are unable to sustain medical expenditure, who are not aware of population explosion in India and its effects on hospitals in general and government hospitals in particular came into being and prompted S. Gill to work solidly in this field. This thought blossomed into Pavitra Foundation in 2007 at Delhi. To augment his proceeds so as to contribute as much funds as he can, S. Gill worked with various business houses across industry. S. Gill in his crusade to alleviate people’s suffering, is helped by his better half. Who looks after the business and his social welfare activities. Since 2007, the resolve to return as much as they can to the society at large helped to start various social welfare activities.

Pavitra Foundation

Pavitra Foundation, the dream project of Sardar Upkar Singh Gill was started in Delhi in 2007 with a primary motive of helping the downtrodden strata of society irrespective of caste creed or color by mitigating the hardships faced by them on day to day basis, to provide education to the destitute children, to improve the quality of life of old age, blind and other handicapped people in terms of improvement of environment, sanitation, housing, education of birth control means, improvement of sex ratio. The foundation gradually spread its wings outside Delhi area to cover Punjab and other northern states of India.

As you are aware, the work related to upliftment of society need a uninterrupted flow of funds, S. Gill makes a consistent effort to generate funds for this social cause. Apart of the efforts done by S. Gill, the foundation seeks donation in the form of cash of any amount, or kind like clothes relevant to the current season and dry rations, which are distributed to the needy. S. Gill also runs Pavitra Charitable Trust, Pavitra Securities and Detectives, and Pavitra Placement Services.

Pavitra Charitable Trust provides basic healthcare facilities and medicines to the vulnerable sections of the society who do not afford the fees of diagnostic tests prescribed by the Doctors and the medicines.

Pavitra Securities and Detectives provides security and detective services to people in order to generate funds flow for the social welfare activities of the Pavitra Foundation and Trust.

Pavitra Placement services is another flower in the bouquet of various activities undertaken by Pavitra Foundation. Here, the foundation provides complete information and necessary forms for the various state and central government’s and agencies’ employment notices along with last dates for application under a single roof. Interested persons can download the complete set of form for a particular employment notice on the payment of a nominal fee. This fee has been fixed to cover the incidental expenses.

Help our School Children

Their lives do not hold much promise for a bright future. Children in need, poverty and hopelessness is a constant presence in their lives.
INR 235000 to go


People living in poverty are exceptionally vulnerable to crime, abuse and exploitation Raise your hand to get them into right way.
INR 345000 To Go

Our motive

We take pride in being responsive, making a difference at a critical point in peoples’ lives. We have been doing this since 2017, working with veterans of every conflict, and we envisage continuing doing so for the ‘long haul’ – supporting all future generations of our soldiers and their dependants.